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Awesome news, CJM will be presenting a workshop alongside our allies on the other side of Canada (who are fighting the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline) about Tar Sands expansion pipelines and local fights to stop them.  We will also be speaking on the upcoming Quebec Climate Action Camp taking place this August in Dunham, just outside of Montreal! (more info coming soon, but email us if you want to get invovled).

Back to the People’s Summit, it is going to be 2 days of amazing workshops, skill shares, art events and more to kick off the Toronto G20 Convergence!  If you are interested in coming stay tuned because we are working on securing the funding for a bus to Toronto leaving on June 18.  If you want to help fundraise for it, email me.

For more info on the Summit check out

A short summary of our workshop:

Further Downstream
Stopping tar sands pipeline expansion across Canada

Over the next 15 years the Tar Sands are slated to expand 5 times their current size.  A continental web of pipelines is currently under construction to send liquified tar sands bitumen (the dirtiest energy source on the planet) across Canada, the United States and around the world.  As this dirty oil crosses farms, un-ceded indigenous territories, mountains, rivers, forest, lakes and streams it will be endangering human and ecological health, all while facilitating the expansion of the largest, and most destructive industrial project on the planet.

Stopping these pipeline will cut off the means for the tar sands to move their increased extraction to refineries across the globe.  By linking local struggles against these expansion projects with the resistance of downstream communities we can start to roll back the destruction.

Representatives of groups currently organizing resistance to the Enbridge Northern Gateway and Trailbreaker projects will present case studies about campaigns in B.C. in Quebec, including plans for action camps this summer.

Facilitators: Harjap Grewal & Cameron Fenton