Two weeks ago, Climate Justice Montreal mobilized to stand in solidarity with our allies on the streets of Toronto.  From June 18th, organizers with CJM were involved with holding workshops at the People’s Summit, working with the Alternative Media Center, and each day, with thousands of others, challenging the policies of the G8 and G20.  Many of us were involved in helping climate, environmental and mining justice activists plan the Toxic Tour and People’s Assembly on June 23.

We were also subject to a week of constantly escalating police repression. We were illegally searched, detained, and helped contribute to the size-able collection of bandannas now owned by the Toronto Police Department.

By the end of Saturday, the majority of us had been arrested, few among the over 1000 people picked up in arbitrary sweeps.  We spent hours in the East Avenue detention center, with minimal access to food and water.

But that is not what is most important.

In Toronto we joined with our sisters and brothers from across a broad spectrum of resistance that CJM had never experienced. The bonds that were forged on those streets will continue to motivate and fuel our campaigns in Montreal, and with our allies across Canada and the world.

Today, many of those comrades remain in custody.  They are being criminalized for their dissent, turning their disagreement with the programs of the Canadian and other governments into a crime.

This attack, similar to the kind that our colleagues in environmental struggle have faced for years in the US under the “Green Scare” campaign, is a message to organizers: challenge the system and it will snap back.

But this attack also means another thing, we are gaining ground.  Our campaigns against the programs and measures touted by G8 and G20 leaders – programs that sacrifice people, freedom and our planet – are winning.

Climate Justice Montreal pledges to support those still in jail until each and every political prisoner has been freed, but we also pledge to keep fighting.

We will continue to work to shut down the Trailbreaker project once and for all.
We will continue to work in solidarity with our allies, especially those from frontline communities, for climate justice and against the tar sands.
We will continue to fight to stop the destruction of our planet by corporations and democratically deficient governments like our own.

In solidarity and struggle, with love and rage.

– Climate Justice Montreal

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