Here you will find posters, reports and other documentation produce by Climate Justice Montreal for our Campaigns.

Breaking the Trailbreaker: A Special Report on the Enbridge Trailbreaker Project

Breaking the Trailbreaker: A Special Report on the Trailbreaker Pipeline is a report from Climate Justice Montreal detailing the environmental and social implications of the proposed pipeline which would carry dirty oil from the tar sands to the United States’ Eastern Seaboard.

The report is a primer for the political, corporate and local stakeholders involved in pushing through and resisting this project.  We hope it serves as a resource to our allies in order to shut this project down once and for all.

Download it here.

Stop the Flow of Destruction: A Primer on Climate Justice and the 2010 Climate Action Camp

Stop the Flow of Destruction is a complete guide to all things Climate Camp, including information on the camp, getting to it, workshops, etc… It also has primers on Climate Justice, the Trailbreaker, the Tar Sands and much much more!

Download it here. En Francais, Arretons le Flot de la Destruction

Climate Justice Montreal: An Introduction

This pamphlet serves as a basic primer to all things CJM and the basics of Climate Justice.

Download climatejusticepamphlet